Business Model

We bring together financial service providers, politicians, industry representatives and scientists to develop solutions for ensuring the energy transition in Europe that are based on sustainable hydrogen. We implement and operate them. Together, we pave and achieve the exit from fossil society with the help of sustainable business applications that are an integral part of our cross-sector and cross-company projects.

The introduction and development of a sustainable hydrogen infrastructure and economy is required to replace the "fossil society". The large lighthouse projects required for this along the entire value chain (renewable energy supply, hydrogen production, processing, distribution, storage, sales, business applications, trade) require specialised solution providers for each component.

Today, the necessary operating companies are lacking for the orchestration, development and operation of the overall solution. To secure harmony between production and demand in a market ramp-up phase s-H2 - Sustainable Hydrogen GmbH fills this gap.

The engineering office HERE is the nucleus of the lighthouse projects. Through identification, prioritisation, selection and conception of the sub-components, the necessary consultations and preliminary work for implementation are carried out here. Furthermore, the engineering office HERE serves as the service unit of Sustainable Hydrogen.

Our digital trading platform will serve as a marketplace and accelerator to bring together stakeholders and accelerate the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Corporate structure for the development and realization of a comprehensive hydrogen economy along the entire value chain:


Sustainable Hydrogen

Operating company of lighthouse projects for build-up and scaling a hydrogen economy from renewable energy


European Engineering for a
Hydrogen Economy from Renewable Energy

  • Engineering office
  • Project conception and development
  • Project management
  • Business case calculation, controlling, reporting
  • Funding application
  • Investor, client, partner and public relationship management

Business Lines


  • "Green" power generation
  • Electrolysis
  • Organic sources
  • Purification
  • Storage
  • Synthetic fuels


  • Compression
  • Liquefaction
  • Calibration
  • Chemical carrier
  • Means of transport (road, rail, shipping, pipeline)


  • Fuelling stations
  • Mobile
  • Immobile

Business Application

  • Transport
  • Power plants
  • Buildings (mCHP)


  • Digitale trading platform, marketplace
  • Smart analytics, AI, Bitcoin services
  • Chem. Industry
  • Refinery, steel industry, energy suplier