About us

Guiding principles

The success story of Europe unified by peace started with the Montan Union, the European Community for Coal and Steel. Today we build on this success story. With the economic power of the EU the reformation of the energy union – the Green Deal – will succeed.

This is the leitmotiv, intent and purpose of HERE our engineering office in interaction with our operating company Sustainable Hydrogen.
With the operation of lighthouse projects we will contribute to the build-up and scaling of a hydrogen economy from renewable energy. This is presently Europe´s largest initiative. This is our commitment.

It started with a handshake of our grandparents. No blind national pride ever again. 19 M deaths in the 1st World War, 50-60 M deaths in the 2nd World War. Plus or minus 10 M people, nobody knows exactly! With the courageous handshake between archenemies, we Europeans live today for more than 70 years in peace. More people die because of air pollution than by war, terrorism and violent crimes together. More people die by obesity than by hunger.
Europe became the yearning for people from all continents. A place where values count. Here minorities are protected. Here everybody finds solidarity, legal protection, freedom of opinion and personal development regardless of one´s origin and belief. A high value which despite of its longstanding existence is not self-evident. It must be defended – for us, for our descendants, who didn´t experience the tragedies of national delusion.
Discredit the European Union as paralysed, bloated bureaucracy, doesn´t touch the very core. No single member state would prevail in the competition of the world economic powers, however strong the national aberration is.
With the European Union we will,

  • reduce our dependency on fossil fuels HERE and gain independence from hazardous supplier states
  • breathe HERE fresher air, be healthier and improve our environment
  • be HERE in the center of value creation in the energy sector, where we play a marginal role today
  • take advantage HERE of our research and technology leading position and assert ourselves against competitors
  • create prosperity HERE for millions, give a sustainable future to people and secure the existence of their families


Our corporate identity reflects our values

Winning starts with beginning.
"Joy is the transition of man to greater perfection". (Baruch de Spinoza 1632-1677)
We inspire courage for renewal and change.

We are pioneers for a strong united pluriform and democratic Europe.

We help to set standards, which others will follow. We support the EU to take over global leadership in solving the most critical challenges of our times.

At work we do what we love to do, we are proud to work in an environment which enables us to realise that our efforts make sense and that they are an important contribution.

Everyone knows his/ her most important objectives in life which he/ she wants to reach Everyone knows his/ her vocation and knows how these contribute to the objectives of the company.

Our virtue is the preservation of our personality. Logic demands nothing against our nature.

We fulfil tasks which brings us closer to our objectives of life and are in accordance with our vocation by using our workforce efficiently.

We perceive clearly what is good for us instead of floating indifferently. That is the way how we take our destiny into our own hands.

We do not wait for weekends or retirement for self-fulfilment to finally do the things we like to do. We find our self-fulfilment in our daily work. We do not exchange lifetime for salary.

We do not lead through submission but by enabling one’s capacity to act by his-/ herself. 

We connect our mind-maps to get a better understanding of the field in which we operate.

We use our environment and network as a resource for empowerment and satisfaction because satisfaction is the transition to higher perfection.

We look in the mirror and are satisfied with ourselves by doing things that make the world a little better.

With the positive energy we are generating this way, we inspire people. Enthusiasm and passion are infectious.

We inspire people to express their ideas that have positive impact on the objectives of the company and empower them to act accordingly.


Initial situation

With the Green Deal, the current largest initiative, the European Union has the objective to build a new energy union. The ambition is to secure energy supply and independence. The implementation will boost competitiveness on the world market. The phaseout from fossil fuels and the realization of the climate goals will be accomplished.

For this a considerable development of the renewable energy quota is intended. Today we can observe a certain stagnation because the storage and transportation of wind and solar energy is not solved efficiently. Only in Germany 1,4 bn € of renewable energy couldn´t be used in 2018 because of insufficient network capacity. This is due to the natural fluctuation of wind and solar energy. With a rising quota of renewables we will even waste more, if we do not implement a storage and transportation solution for the excess capacities.
Today the storage of excess wind and solar energy in hydrogen is seen as ideal solution. It is the key for an economically efficient energy transition and security of supply at the same time. A lot of advantages are obvious.

Why hydrogen from renewable energy?

Hydrogen can store electric power from renewable energy.
Hydrogen can couple economic sectors.
Hydrogen can secure supply after energy transition.
Hydrogen from renewable energy can decarbonize industry.
Hydrogen fuel cells belong to the most efficient household power supply options.
Hydrogen engines allow, especially for heavy-duty transport and commercial vehicles a longer range and higher operational readiness then battery driven vehicles.
Hydrogen from renewable energy allows the production of climate neutral synthetic fuels.

Via electrolysis, renewable electrical energy can be stored in hydrogen. Conventional gas technologies and existing caverns can be used for this purpose. With this buffering solution the sustainable energy production can be customized to the energy demand. Batteries and other means offer no economically viable option for over-season storage in the necessary dimensions of several TWh.
Hydrogen can transport renewable power with low losses. It is appropriate to couple production and consuming sites and therefore to couple different economic sectors. This can be up to 100 times cheaper than building new power lines. The existing European gas infrastructure can be used to distribute hydrogen with minor adaptations. In addition a gas pipeline transports up to 25 times more energy and can be used as a supplementary storage capacity.
On top of these basic requirements hydrogen from renewable energy can contribute to the decarbonisation of the industry. Hydrogen is extensively used as a feedstock in the chemical industry and in refineries. The conventional hydrogen generation based on natural gas emits today about 450 M tons of CO2 per annum worldwide. Replacing it with sustainable hydrogen would completely avoid these emissions. A similar approach is also valid for the steel industry with a worldwide CO2 emission of 2 bn. tons. The usage of emission free hydrogen from renewable energy can be leveraged by replacing coal in the steel production processing. 
The reconversion of hydrogen into energy results in electric power, clean water and heat. This is a clear advantage for households and stationary applications. With the proven fuel cell technology buildings can be provided with heat and electric power with one inhouse device and zero emission. Fuel cells are demonstrably the most efficient powering devices for households. The introduction of a hydrogen infrastructure from renewable energy benefits the transportation sector too. For commercial and heavy transport vehicles, long range and low weight are economically crucial. When addressing emission free transportation, fuel cell driven vehicles have a clear advantage compared to battery driven vehicles. For covering the same distance 1kg of hydrogen corresponds to 100kg of battery. Fuelling a fuel cell powertrain is 10 to 200 times faster than charging a battery which leads to higher operational readiness.
Furthermore the electrolysis of hydrogen supplied by renewable energy allows the production of climate neutral synthetic fuels in the transitional period of fossil fuels phaseout by means of power to X plants.
Naturally fluctuating overproduction of wind and solar energy does not need to be wasted and can be used by conversion into hydrogen. By this means an efficient energy production can be assured after the phaseout of coal and atomic energy. Explicit advantages manifest themselves with the introduction of a hydrogen economy from renewable energy compared to a whole electric energy solution. Moreover, sustainable hydrogen allows emission free industrial applications for which electric power is not adapted.
With hydrogen as storage medium and coupling vector between energy production and the industry, the transportation and the household (power and heat) sectors, there is economically and technically nothing to stop the further beneficial development of the renewable energy quota. The production and distribution of hydrogen in conventional industry are proven and have already been certified for years. Hydrogen from renewable energy combines industrial and climate-political interests.
Solar thermal power plant Gemasolar near Sevilla, Torresol Energy S.A. - Obtained temperatures are also sufficient to produce hydrogen directly out of water steam.

Objectives of the s-H2 - Sustainable Hydrogen GmbH and the engineering office HERE

Our company s-H2 - Sustainable Hydrogen GmbH has the objective to contribute to the success of the European energy transition. It will operate needed lighthouse projects along the whole value chain.

The challenges for the further implementation of the European energy transition are:

  • Induce acceptance for new available hydrogen technologies,
  • Ensure the adequate political framework for a competitive supply of hydrogen from renewable energy,
  • Industrial build-up of existing technologies and definition of standards for the development of the necessary large-scale infrastructure in order to establish new business models going along with a hydrogen society.

For this purpose, tremendous lighthouse projects are set-up (Hydrogen Valleys, Reallabore, HyLand Regions, etc.). They will prepare people, companies and sectors of economies for a supra-regional deployment in Europe.
The objective of s-H2 as a company is to operate the necessary lighthouse projects along the entire value chain. This includes the renewable energy production, the production of sustainable hydrogen, its treatment (incl. production of synthetic fuels via Carbone Capture Usage, CCU), its distribution, the retail, the operation of business applications in the industry, transport and power/heat supply sectors and trading of hydrogen from renewable energy. The projects are sized to scale carbon-neutral hydrogen economy and develop infrastructure required for it.
The engineering office HERE is integrated in the company with an overarching function. HERE provides services for project development, business case calculations, funding requests, controlling & reporting, client, stakeholder & partner relationship management and asset management. Additionally HERE offers consulting services, moderation, organization and realization of colloquia, seminars and events which foster the development of a hydrogen infrastructure / economy from renewable energy.
This enables s-H2 - Sustainable Hydrogen GmbH to focus on the success of the entrusted projects. The company is the central access point for the investors, stakeholders and political institutions involved. It guarantees independence and objectivity to realise the best solution possible. s-H2 - Sustainable Hydrogen GmbH leverages synergies between different projects, thus reducing implementation costs. It facilitates the efficient operation of the project´s installations and business applications. Assets are sold profitably.
The set 2030 climate objectives require a yearly expansion of the “green” hydrogen production from about 350.000t. In order to support this massive development s-H2 -  Sustainable Hydrogen GmbH develops a digital trading platform. This digital marketplace will serve as an accelerator. Stakeholders of the hydrogen economy will be easily brought together and are supported in speeding up the installation of a hydrogen infrastructure from renewable energy including the corresponding business applications.